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My name is Gea Gillies and I have 21 years experience in the Financial Industry. After enjoying a successful career as a Financial Advisor, I decided to also become a Mortgage Advisor.

Helping people with their finances is the one passion that has given me the greatest professional satisfaction. In helping people with obtaining their mortgages I discovered I had an affinity for it and became so busy that I had to make the choice between being a Financial Advisor and a Mortgage Advisor. I think you know which one I chose!

These years of experience in Financial Advising has given me a unique perspective that filters through to advising my clients on their mortgage options and choices. The choices that are made with financing your home can positively or negatively impact your overall financial plan and retirement plan.

I work with quite an array of referrals from my clients. Some recent referrals included: a young couple purchasing their first home, a client purchasing a second home while maintain ownership of their existing home, clients who relocated across the country, a wealthy business owner that purchased a home with the intention of tearing down the existing structure and I can arrange the construction financing when the time comes. I also assist clients that have lost their job, faced an illness or suffered the death of a spouse and work with them in a confidential compassionate manner to help them overcome their financial stresses. One client I worked with recently encountered financial difficulties due to a spouse's illness and loss of that income. We consolidated everything and freed up $1,200 per month.

I am very passionate about working closely with clients to fulfill their dreams of owning a home, purchasing a cottage or investment property or consolidating debts to reduce their monthly obligations and I feel honored to facilitate a mortgage on their behalf.

Money is not sexy; topics around money are not sexy. For some reason money makes us all anxious. I love to get you on the right track to reduce your monthly spending, consolidate your debts and help attain financial freedom. There are difficult choices, should I spend or should I save? With the basic items being so costly, how can we save, so we keep spending. The truth is we are carrying too much costly debt. We can’t afford to pretend that things will get better; you have to take control of your finances and envision a better way, set goals, accomplish your goals and move forward. You need to make a choice so that the choice isn’t made for you. I can offer some choices that can help you now and into retirement.

Part of the role of a good mortgage professional is to look at the big picture and determine what is best for the client and is not just there for the commission. It is all about giving alternatives for the client to find their best solution.

My personal and professional goal is to be my client’s lender for life and be their "go to" person. To be the person they share with friends looking for home financing needs. There is nothing more rewarding than when a referral calls and states a friend told them that I was the only person that they should speak to about their mortgage requirements.

It is imperative that my clients have a great experience when arranging their mortgage because the greatest compliment is the referral of family and friends.

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